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For a registered customer to be able to transfer funds, the customer must first login to his/her member's profile page.

You can go through the tutorial on how to register / login here.

You are login in as a Customer. So, you do not need to change anything in the Login Type field. However, there is only one item to select which is Customer by default.

If you forget your password, please do not forget your username. To reset your password to something else, please follow the tutorial on how to reset password here.

When you have logged into your profile page, make sure the status of your account is showing ACTIVE at the bottom of the page. If not, kindly contact simba travels & tours ltd here so you could have your account activated (see image below).

Members Account Status

If your account status is ACTIVE, on the left panel of your profile page, find and click on the link Transfer Funds (see image below) or click Transfer Funds from the Members menu.

Members Nav Panel

You will be redirected to the GTPay Online Transaction Form which will require you to enter the amount you want to transfer to Simba Travels & Tours Ltd, the descrtion of the transfer and the security code displayed in the image (see image below).

GTPay Trans Form

Enter all the required data and click submit and you will be redirected to the second GTBank Tarnsaction Window where you will be required to select your card type and enter a valid email address. Your intended transferred amount will also be displayed to you for confirmation (see picture below).

GTPay Second Form

In this form, select your card type by clicking on the card type image (see picture below).

Note that you can cancel this transaction by clicking on Cancel Payment Link.

Card Type

Enter your email address in the field below (see picture below) and click CONTINUE.

Payment Email

You will be redirected to the next GT Web Pay Platform which you will be required to select your card type, enter card number, PIN and CVV2 number (see picture below).

Card Number Page

Select your card type, enter the pin, number, expiry date and CVV2 number (see picture below) and click PAY (the red button).

Card Number, Pin and Expiry Date

Note, you can cancel your transfer at anytime by clicking the Return to Merchant Site link.

The GTPay Server will process the transfer and redirect to either of two pages depending the status of the transfer.

If the status of the transfer is not successful, you will be redirected to a transaction failed page and an email will be sent to you, but if the status is successful, you will be redirected to a transfer success page and an email will be sent to you (see pictures below).

Transactions Returned Pages depending on status:

Fail Transaction

Note that your transaction details are logged in the GTPay database for reference purposes.

If you want to check your transaction history, click here.

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