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March 25, 2023, 3:29 am

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In order to make use of full functionalities on simba travels website, a customer needs to register as a member, confirm his/her email address by clicking the ACTIVATION link in mail sent to him/her after registration and then, sign in to access his/her member portal. As a new customer, click on the Register/Login link in the Members Menu list. This link is a two-way link - it may either bring a Membership Form for new customers or it may bring a Membership Login Form for registered customers. If the Membership Registration Form appears. Kindly fill the form by supplying all the necessary information starred with asteriks (*). But if the Login Form appears, locate and click on the Register / Signup link on top of the login form. This link will bring the Membership Registration Form. See the image below.

Users Login Form


The following information are required and compulsory. Please find the formats in the explanation hereunder. Entering First Name and Surname. The information required here are only Alphabets (A-Z), no numbers required please.

Eample of A Valid Customer Name:
Customer's Name

Entering Street Address, Address Line 2, City, State, Zip/Postal Code, Country.

The only information not required in this array is the Adderss Line 2. But you are required to enter the City, state, zip and country information. Eg. of a valid address is shown in the picture below:

Customer's Address

Entering/Selecting Date of Birth.

Date of Birth is required. The format for acceptable date is YYYY-MM-DD where YYYY is a 4 digit for year, MM is a 2 digit for month and DD is a 2 digit for day as shown on the image below. When you click on the date field entry box, a selection box will popdown showing the current date as shown on the second image below.

Date of Birth


Pop Date Selection
Popdown Selection of Date of Birth


Month Selection

To find a previous date, for instance, (3rd March 1982), click on the month as shown below, it will display the current year with the months as shown in the second picture on the right.


Month Selection Pic 1
Month Selection
Month Selection Pic 2
Month Selection

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